The KARC Repeaters

The Kokomo Amateur Radio Club presently operates and maintains four repeaters in the Kokomo area under the call sign


In the VHF band, the repeaters are on the following frequencies:

146.310 / 910 or 146.310 MHz Transmit 173.8 tone

--- 146.910 MHz Receive
147.840 / 240 or 147.840 MHz Transmit 173.8 tone--- 147.240 MHz Receive
147.975 / 375 or 147.975 MHz Transmit 173.8 tone--- 147.375 MHz Receive

On the UHF band the repeater is located on the following frequencies:
447.300 / 442.300 or 447.300 MHz Transmit 173.8 tone--- 442.300 MHz Receive

All licensed ham's are welcome to use our repeater's 

The 146.31/91 is the club's original frequency - it's located at the Emergency management Agency building on Berkley Road. . The antenna is at the top of EMA's 120 foot tower and is on emergency power once the generator is brought online.

The 147.240 machine is located at the WWKI transmitter site east of Kokomo. The antenna is at about 350 feet. The site has an emergency generator which activates automatically when power is lost.

The 147.375 repeater is located at the EMA downtown office. The antenna is at about 120 feet on the southwest side of the EMA tower. This system has a battery backup for power outage.

442.300 is also at the EMA Berkley Road location. The antenna is on the side of the EMA tower at 80 feet.